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6 WEEKS to 23 MONTHS          $170.00 WEEKLY

2, 3, 4 & 5 YEAR OLDS               $165.00 WEEKLY

You are responsible for payment whether your child attends child care or not.  

All child care payments must be paid on Mondays in advance of attending weeks.  

If your account is more than 2 weeks behind you will jeopardize your child's enrollment


Application - For Admission Is Made With The Center. Enrollment Is On A First
Come, First Serve Basis.  Your Child Will
Be Placed On A Waiting List, If There Are No Openings.

Arrival - We Recommend Your Child Be Brought Into The Center Before 9:00
To Encourage A Routine With Scheduled
Activities And Daily Programs. 

You Must Sign Your Child In And Out Of The Day Care.


Lunch - This Center Has A Nutritional Menu Planned Each Day For The Children.
The Menu Is Posted For Your Observation. If You

Wish Your Child To Have Something Different From What We Have Planned, They May
Bring Their Own Food.

Infants - Parents With Infants Should Provide The

Center With The Following Items: 

A Written Feeding Schedule, Bottles Already
Prepared Baby Food, Change Of Clothes And Disposable Diapers.

Labeling - Bottles, Infant Cereal, And Baby Food Jars Must Be Clearly

Marked With Your Child’s Name To Avoid Any Mix-Ups. If A Child Is Not Old
Enough For Table Food, Then It Is The Parent’s Responsibility To Bring Bottles,
Formula, Juice, Or Baby Food In Such Quantities That Would Be Sufficient For
The Child’s Feedings During The Day. Bottles Must Already Be Prepared And
Filled With The Formula. Regulations Will Not Permit The Center To Accept
Formula To Be Mixed Or Poured Into A Bottle.

Change Of Clothes - When Your Child Enters This Facility, He Or

She Will Need A Change Of Clothes To Be Kept At The Center. Each Item Should Be
Clearly Marked With Your Child’s Name.

Personal Items - Ft. Mitchell Child Development Center Will

Not Be Responsible For Any Personal Items Brought To The Center. We Do Not
Encourage Children To Bring In Personal Items To Our Center, This Includes
Toys, Except Show & Tell Days.


Illness - Children Who Are Obviously Ill (Diarrhea, Fever, Rash Etc.)
Should Not Be Brought To The Center. If A Child Develops A Sign Of Illness
During The Day, The Parent Or Guardian Will Be Notified, And Arrangements For
The Child To Be Picked Up Within One Hour Will Be Necessary.


Medication - This Center Will Administer Only Medication Prescribed By A
Doctor Or Over-The-Counter Medicine With A Signed Permission Slip Each Day The
Medicine Is To Be Given. Non-Compliance With This Policy Will Jeopardize The
Enrollment Of The Child At This Facility.
If Your Child Is Too Sick To Go Outside, Please

Do Not Bring Them To The Center. 

The Morning Dosage Is To Be Given Before
Bringing The Child To The Day Care Center. The Day Care Center Will Give The
Required Dosages Throughout The Remainder Of The Day.


Discipline - There Will Be No Harsh Form Of Punishment In Regards To Eating,
Naps Or Toilet Training. If Disciplinary Action Is Necessary, It Will Be
Restricted To “Time Out” Depending On The Child’s Age. If A Child Is Not
Responding In A Positive Way To Our Discipline, And After We Have Tried With
Parents, We May Have To Terminate The Child’s Enrollment At Our Center.

Late Pick-Up -
There Is A One-Dollar A Minute Charge After 6:00pm.

Equal Opportunities - We Do Not Discriminate.  Programs, Services, And Employment Are

Equally Available To Everyone.

Child Abuse – The Law Specifies That Day Care Providers Are Mandated Reports.

It Also Makes Clear That Any Supervisor Who Receives A Report From An Employee
Must Promptly Make A Report To Proper Authorities. However, People Who Report
Child Abuse To Their Supervisors Are Not Relieved Of There Responsibility To
Report The Suspected Abuse Or Neglect To The Proper Authorities.

 All Staff Members Will Use The Procedures That Were Taught By
Hdi–University Of Kentucky Orientation Training

For Kentucky Early Care And Education Professionals.

Health, Safety & Sanitation (2 Hrs.)
Recommended Practices (3 Hrs.)

Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse (1 Hr.)


Tuition - Parents Are Responsible For Payment Whether Your Child Attends
Day Care Or Is Absent For Any Reason. 

Parents Are Responsible For Keeping Up With Tuition Payments. 

You Will Be Charged $30.00 Per Returned Check.

After Two Returned Checks We Can Only Accept
Money Orders. Enrollment Fees Are Not-Refundable, Nor Can They Be Used Towards
Tuition. Tuition Must Be Paid On Mondays Of Attending Week. Monthly Payments
Must Be Paid At The Beginning Of The Month. You Will Jeopardize Your Child’s Enrollment,
If Your Account Is More Than Two Weeks Behind.

Child Care Emergency/Disaster Preparedness 

Parent Information Form For Reunification

Ft. Mitchell Child Development Center

45 Orphanage Rd. Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017

Emergency/Disaster Contact at The Center is Linda Floyd

Land Line 859-341-6770 Cell 859-803-2735

The Modonna House, 25 Orphanage Road, Ft. Mitchell Ky, 41017

Is Where The Staff And Children Will Go In The Event The Center Must Be Evacuated Because Of An Emergency/Disaster

Turn Left Our Of The Driveway: It is The 4th House On The Left. 859-344-1191

Some Children Will Walk. We Will Take The Beds From The Nursery And Wheel Some Children To The Facility.

If Necessary, The Children Will Be Transported By Ambulance To St. Elizabeth Hospital 1 Medical Village Drive, Edgewood Ky 41017.

Their Phone Number Is 859-301-2000

This Information Is To Be Shared With Parents and Updated Annually

Thank You