We believe in guiding children through their play. Through play children will
learn cognitive, language, physical and social-emotional skills. When dealing
with behaviors, we believe you need to look at what the function of the
behavior is and set an appropriate consequence for that behavior. We believe in
the safety of every child and feel that it is important for the environment to
be safe for children to play. We also believe that modeling appropriate
behavior is important for a child’s education. Meeting the children’s needs,
talking and listening to them, and pairing up with the parents always makes for
a positive environment. 

 As a Licensed Childcare & Preschool, We Strive to Devlop Positive Attitudes Towards Learning While Encouraging & Motivating Children to Think for Themselves.


Age Appropriate Curriculums Designed to Meet Educational, Emotional, & Social Needs.


Full Time & Part Time Availability

Positive Atmosphere with Welcoming Classroom & Staff

Meals & Snacks Provided

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Make a difference in your child’s life today by using the ideas and activities provided at Ft. Mitchell Child Development Center. Spending quality time with your child can make all the difference in the world to a child. Our activities foster meaningful relationships between parent and child.